Recology Curbside Collection

Recology San Benito County is proud to be your garbage and recycling collector in the City of Hollister, City of San Juan Bautista, and the unincorporated areas of San Benito County.


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Assembly Bill 939

This mandate is known as AB 939 and requires every city and county in the state of California to reduce its waste by 50% by the year 2000 and beyond.  We have met this goal but there are still more opportunities to divert a greater percentage of our waste stream from the landfill.  All San Benito County residents and businesses are being asked to reduce the amount of waste generated at home and at work by reducing the amount of materials we buy and buying items with less packaging, Reusing materials whenever possible instead of buying new, and Recycling items through curbside and commercial recycling programs.  For more ideas to reduce the amount of waste you generate, contact the San Benito County Integrated Waste  Management Regional Agency at (831) 636-4170.

revised: December 2015

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