Planning & Building Inspection Services

MISSION STATEMENT: To assist the residents, landowners, farmers, and business owners in San Benito County in land use planning, zoning, land division, building permits and building inspections and code enforcement.

To ensure the orderly and balanced growth and development of San Benito County while maintaining its quality of life and natural environment by:

  • Partnering with citizens and others in the implementation, maintenance, and monitoring of the adopted General Plan that guides public and private decisions regarding new development.
  • Affecting development in a manner that promotes land stewardship and is consistent with the County General Plan.
  • Administering adopted regulations and building codes in a fair and equitable manner to assure proper design and safe construction of the built environment.
  • Administering the County’s Zoning, Subdivision, Environmental Review, Nuisance Abatement (including abandoned vehicle removal), and Surface Mining Reclamation Ordinances.
  • Serving as staff to the San Benito County Planning Commission and assisting the Commission and the San Benito County Board of Supervisors in long-range planning for San Benito County by maintaining the County General Plan and coordinating planning efforts with other local, state, and federal agencies that affect San Benito County and its residents.
  • To do so with excellent customer service in a manner consistent with the values of San Benito County residents.

The Planning & Building Department is the primary agency for development review and processing of proposals in the County. The Department assists the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, the public and the development community in meeting the goals of the General Plan, compliance with the Zoning Ordinance and Specific Plans and development in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. The Department is a joint department which is also comprised of Building & Code Enforcement.



Planning is responsible for the administration of the General Plan, Specific Plans, the Zoning Ordinance, compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and assistance to the public and the development community in meeting development requirements. For general planning questions, visit the public counter at 2301 Technology Parkway, Monday through Thursday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM (closed for lunch).   To schedule an appointment call 831-637-5313.  It is requested all applications are submitted before 4:30 PM.

For each application that is filed, a project planner is assigned. If you do not know who the project planner is for a particular application please contact the Planning Department by phone or email. Questions regarding an application should be addressed to the project planner. For questions regarding your application/project, please contact the project planner either in person, by phone or by e-mail.



The Building Division reviews plans and issues building permits for compliance with the Uniform Building Code, Uniform Fire Code, National Electric Code, Uniform Plumbing Code and various other building codes. The Building Division shares the same counter and has the same hours as the Planning Division. Inspections may be requested 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 831.637.1041. It is requested that inspection requests are made 24 hours in advance of actual inspection. When requesting a building inspection, please speak clearly, stating your name, building permit number, inspection location and a phone number where someone can be reached.   Inspections are scheduled in AM and PM time slots. YOUR BUILDING PERMIT MUST BE POSTED ON THE CONSTRUCTION SITE



Code Enforcement reviews all property for property maintenance, compliance with the sign ordinance, adopted conditions of approval, local, state and federal law, and zoning, building and engineering codes.

The Abandoned Vehicle Abatement (AVA) Program is to provide residents of San Benito County the protection from physical and aesthetic deterioration of the community due to the accumulation of vehicles.  The program also assists homeowners in maintaining property values by reducing blight.

The accumulation of abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, inoperative, or unlicensed vehicles in various neighborhoods reduces property values, promotes blight and general deterioration, invites crime, and can constitute a fire and/or health hazard.  For these reasons, the California Vehicle Code (CVC) has declared these types of vehicles as a “public nuisance,” and allows cities and counties to abate them as such.

The Code Enforcement Division responds to citizens’ complaints by “tagging,” i.e., applies a Warning Notice, to the windshield of vehicles parked within a public right-of-way that are in violation of California Vehicle Codes.  If the vehicles are not removed within 72-hours, arrangements are made through a state contracted tow company to remove the vehicle from its current location.  The cost is absorbed the by state.

A similar process is used to remove vehicles from private properties.  Typically, the vehicles located on private property are removed at the request of the property owners.


Planning, Building Inspection Services  and Code Enforcement Department

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