San Justo

San Justo Reservoir is CLOSED until further notice

Due to a Zebra Mussel infestation, the San Justo Reservoir and Recreational Area are closed to the public. This site will be updated soon with additional information.

The following are links to news articles about the closure:

San Justo Reservoir
2265 Union Road, Hollister CA 95023
Phone: 831-638-3300
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Hours of operation: Wednesday through Sunday, sunrise to sunset.  Park closes for the winter approximately November 1, and reopens approximately February 1.

San Justo Reservoir was constructed by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation as part of the Central Valley Project, San Felipe Division.  Water in San Justo is from the San Luis Reservoir.  Management of water distribution, water systems, and lake levels are under the San Benito County Water District by contract with the Federal Bureau of Reclamation.

San Benito County, by agreement with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, is responsible for visitor use activities, recreation, planning facility construction, and overall management of the many aspects of recreation.

The concessionaire will collect fees, provide information and assistance to see that park rules are observed, provide litter control and day-to-day maintenance of the area.

The California Department of Fish and Game regularly stocks the lake with trout.

A California fishing license is required for those fishing and all Fish and Game rules apply.  Children under 16 years of age do not need a license but should learn and follow all regulations.  Copies of the regulations are provided by the California Department of Fish and Game and are available at the park.  Fishing licenses are available at the concession stand.

Boaters must follow all California boating regulations, and use of gas engines is prohibited.  All children MUST wear personal flotation devices and all visitors should follow California boating regulations in respect to type of and proper use of personal flotation devices.

The boat ramp and boat dock are for boaters’ use while entering and leaving the water.  Please, no parking, fishing, sunbathing or relaxing from the ramp or dock.  Children should be kept out of this area.

The park offers recreation to anglers, boaters, windsurfers, picnickers, and mountain bikers, and can support many other activities.

There are several picnic shelters with barbecues available on a first come, first served basis.  Each is easily accessible from the parking area.  All shelters are within easy reach of the concession and restroom facilities.

The lake is ideal for small sailboats and windsurfers in the beginning to intermediate range, as well as more experienced surfers who want a more relaxing sail.

Mountain bikers can ride the challenging trails that border the lake.  A rest stop is located atop Dad’s Point, midway through the route.

Restrictions on hunting and firearms or other weapons, excessive noise, off-road vehicles and hours of operation are for your protection and area enjoyment.  The road surrounding the lake is open to authorized vehicles only.

  • Entrance fee: $5.00 per car.
  • Bikes, walk-ins, and drop-offs: $2.00
  • Water craft or other floating device fee: under 13 feet: $2.00; 13 to 18 feet: $3.00
  • Boat size limit: 18 feet.
  • Seniors (62 and up) and disabled do not pay boat fee.
  • Annual pass for the calendar year may be purchased at the San Benito County Public Works Department, 3220 Southside Road, Hollister CA 95023, 831-636-4170.  The cost is $80.00; $65 for Seniors and disabled.  Annual pass does not cover the boat fee.
  • Youth pass (age 17 and under) issued for calendar year to County residents who have parental consent to enter the park. Youth may be dropped off, ride a bicycle or walk in free of charge.  Leaving children under the age of 12 unattended by a supervising adult is prohibited.
  • Electric motors only.
  • No swimming or wading.
  • No camping.  RV’s welcome during the day.
  • Trash bags and trash barrels provided.  PLEASE DO NOT LITTER.
  • Beverages and snacks are available at the concession stand.
  • Bait and tackle are available at the concession stand.
  • Pets are welcome on leash but are not allowed in the water. Please clean up after your pet!
  • When the closing horn sounds, please prepare to leave.  Park closes at sunset.
Fish Suggested Bait Fish and Game Regulations
Trout Worms, Powerbait, castmaster, roostertails 5 per day; no min. size
Bass Nightcrawlers, minnows, crawdads, lures, plastics 5 per day; 12″ min. Help preserve bass – consider catch & release
Catfish Chicken livers, anchovies, nightcrawlers, bottom fished No size or take limit
Crappie Redworms, jigs, small lures 25 per day; no min size
Bluegill Redworms, mealys, small lures No size or take limit