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NEW Planning Application Request Form effective July, 2016


In order to provide better service to the public, the Planning Department is now requesting all applicants to submit a Planning Application Request Form PRIOR to the submittal of any formal planning application packets.


After a Planning Application Request Form has been submitted, a Planner will be assigned to the project to provide feedback and assistance. This designated Planner will be able to better guide an applicant through the complex planning process. Planning Staff hopes that this will provide a more personal, hands-on approach while maintaining our high level of service.


*The Planning Application Fees are determined at time of submission. Each Application Fee is based on actual project and fees assessed by and collected for other County departments at time of application. The Planning Department only accepts checks for the exact application amount. We are unable to accept credit or debit card transactions.


NEW Planning Project Application (Updated 07-24-2016)


Current Planning Division Fee Schedule (Updated 07-24-2013)


Request for New Physical Address Application

Effective August 2008, a new address application is required when requesting assignment of an authorized physical address for reasons other than new construction or any new Department issued permit.


Hobby Kennel Permit Application & Forms