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Dear Valued Customers,


County RMA Offices are closed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. If you need assistance, please call the main line at 831-637-5313 or email staff members from the listed below.


As the effects of COVID-19 continue to evolve, RMA has made the decision in adjusting our services available to customers. We are taking measures to ensure the safety of all members and their families and have decided to close our doors for in person request. Services will continue to be available, the best way to reach a staff member will be through email. 


Stay safe,

Your RMA Staff


Queridos clientes valorados,


Las oficinas de RMA del condado están cerradas debido a la crisis de Coronavirus (COVID-19). Si necesita ayuda, llame a la línea principal al 831-637-5313 o envíe un correo electrónico a los miembros del personal:



(831) 637-5313

2301 Technology Parkway

Hollister CA 95023


Order of the San Benito County Health Officer Directing Shelter In Place 

Oficial de Salud del Condado de San Benito Emite Orden Requiriendo a los Residentes que Se Queden en Casa


Harry Mavrogenes, RMA Director (831) 902-2269

Maria Aldape, Director’s Secretary (831) 902-2293


ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DIVISION / Departamento de servicios administrativos

Anita Gutierrez, Permit Technician (831) 902-2298

Rosie Habing, Permit Technician (831) 902-2295

Jessica Stratton, CSA Coordinator (831) 902-2274

Kevin Kimura, Fiscal Officer (831) 902-2267

Claudette Frey, Accountant (831) 902-2272

Kathy Smallwood, Accounting Technician (831) 902-2277

Rachelle Barragan, Accounting Technician (831) 902-2548

Yvette Nunes, Account Clerk lll (831) 902-2971

Helene Luna, Assistant Water Specialist (CSA) (831) 636-4170

Linda Young, Staff Services Specialist (831) 902-2161


BUILDING / Departamento de Construcción

Gary Lepori, Planning and Building Director (831) 902-2268

Duane Dauphinee, Chief Building Official (831) 902-2291

Toby Brenton, Building Inspector (831) 637-5313

Brad Haines, Building Inspector (808) 280-2305

Mark Thrailkill, Public Works Inspector

John Consentino, Building & Grounds Maintenance Supervisor (831) 6370516

Jason De Rosa, Public Works Superintendent (831) 902-2166


CAPITAL PROJECTS / Proyectos de capital

Damon Felice, (Contract) Capital Projects Manager (831) 902-2207


CODE ENFORCEMENT / Departamento de Cumplimiento del Código

Richard Brown, Code Enforcement Officer (831) 902-2290

Ted Lopez Code, Enforcement Officer II (831) 902-2288

Britany Velazquez, Code Enforcement Trainee (831) 637-5313


ENGINEERING DIVISION / Departamento de Ingeniería

Deems Katada, Engineer l (831) 902-2270

Greg Bucknell, (contract) Engineer (831) 902-2160

Russel Nygaard, (contract) Engineering Manager  (831) 637-8430

Miguel Sanchez, Engineering Technician (831) 902-2431

Noel J. Suan, PE Engineering Consultant

Dana Serpa-Osteja, Engineer Trainee (831) 636-4170


PLANNING DIVISION / División de Planificación

Taven Kinison, Brown Principal Planner (831) 902-2294

Bill Nicholson, LAFCO Executive Officer (831) 902-2292

Darryl Boyd, (contract) Planner (831) 902-2286

Jamila Saqqa, Housing Program Coordinator (831)  902-2266

Arielle Goodspeed, Assistant Planner (831) 902-2547 

Michael Kelly, Associate Planner (831) 902-2287

Richard Felsing, Assistant Planner (831) 902-2289


INTEGRATED WASTE MANAGEMENT / Manejo Integrado de Residuos

Kathleen Gallagher, (Contract) Program Manager

Celina Stotler, IWM Staff Analyst (831) 630-4110

Jiane Dionisio, Recycling Intern (831) 636-4110



The Resource Management Agency (RMA) brings together a range of Planning Services, Building Services, Code Compliance, Environmental Services, Parks Operation, Capital Improvement Services, Facilities, Housing and Economic Development Division, Public Works Division, Integrated Waste Management, Community Service Areas (CSA) and Administrative Services to ensure reasonable and safe development, plan for the future needs of the County, manage infrastructure and County facilities, and protect natural resources.


Resource Management Agency Director – Harry Mavrogenes



Front Counter Hours

M-F 8am- 5pm

(831) 637-5313

2301 Technology Parkway

Hollister CA 95023





Divisions within the RMA include:


Administrative Services Division– Provides services that support the RMA operations.


Building Services– The mission of the Resource Management Agency (RMA) Building is to promote economic vitality and enhance the quality of life for the people of San Benito County.


Capital Improvements– Manages large complex projects and programs.


Code Compliance– The Code Compliance Division enforces Grading, Building codes, Planning and Zoning violations. Enforcement is both proactively and in response to a complaint.


County Services Area– The County Service Areas are responsible for the administration of maintenance and operations of the County Service Area.


Environmental Services– Responsible for storm drainage facilities, water and sewer collection system planning, operations and maintenance.


Facilities– Manages capital projects for the County facilities and operations.


Housing and Economic Development Division– Responsible for assisting with affordable housing programs and services in the community.


Integrated Waste Management– San Benito County Integrated Waste Management Department (SBCIWM) manages a wide range of recycling, waste reduction, household hazardous waste and contract management programs for the Cities of Hollister, San Juan Bautista, and unincorporated San Benito County.


Parks Operation– San Benito County is dedicated to providing quality recreational facilities for everyone that visits our parks.


Permit Center– The Resource Management Agency (RMA) Permit Center offers the following services at our front counter, Construction Permits, Solar Permits, Land Use Permits, Resolve Code Violations and Public Records.


Planning Services – The mission of Resource Management Agency (RMA) Planning is to provide high-quality customer service in the areas of land use, development and resource protection to residents  and business operators throughout the unincorporated areas of San Benito County.


Public Works– The Public Works Department performs a wide variety of services these services include maintenance and construction work on the County’s extensive road and bridge infrastructure, maintenance of County building and grounds, management of three County parks, and mapping and reviewing development plans.