Resource Management Agency

Welcome to the San Benito County Resource Management Agency (RMA)

About San Benito County RMA

The Resource Management Agency brings together a wide range of Land Use functions, including Building Services, Environmental Services, Planning Department and Public Works to ensure safe building construction, planning for future needs of the County, management of infrastructure and county facilities, and protection of natural resources.


Divisions within the RMA include:


  • Planning and Building Inspections Division – Provides management oversight for land use functions within the RMA and coordinates with outside agencies.  Includes Building Services, Planning, Permit Center, Development Services, County Surveyor, Environmental Services, Special Programs, Code Compliance, Park Planning.

      • Development Services  -  Provides plan check and inspection services. Also, manages code compliance activities.

      • Building Services   -  Provides plan check and inspection services. Also, manages code compliance activities.

      • Environmental Services  -  Provides oversight of grading, erosion control, and stormwater management.

      • Planning   -  Provides land use permit services and manages the County’s land use policies and regulations.

      • Park Planning  -  Provides planning services for County Park facilities.

      • Special Programs  -  Manages large complex projects and programs.

      • Permit Center  -  Manages front counter operations, including permit processing.  Provides general support services (reception, call center, cashier, records, scanning).  Also lead for special event permits

      • Code Compliance  -  Manages code compliance activities relative to land use and public works.

        • Facilities  -  Manages capital projects for County facilities and operations.